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Nedra Charlene Slade


REWARD: $2,000

Aliases: Nedra McGee, Nedra Charlene McGee, Nedra Miller, Charlene Miller, Nedra Ntuen
Date of Birth: 11/9/1964
Sex: Female
Race: Black
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Scars/Marks/Tatoos: None visible
Warrant Issued By: Cobb County Superior Court
Warrant # 11-W-5779
Date issued: 5/14/2012
Charges: Robbery, Felony Bail Jumping
Notes: This fugitive is considered to be armed and dangerous. She has been on the run since 5/14/2012. She has had no communication with our company since the day we bonded her out. She is believed to be residing somewhere in Charlotte or Greensboro, NC or could also be in Jacksonville, FL. According to the family there is no communication with her. Any information to her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

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