Daniel’s 2nd Chance Story

From Down and Out to Up and Coming—the Miraculous Recovery of A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds President
 Daniel Matalon

Daniel MatalonIn the late 1990s, when Daniel Matalon was a teenager, he began a drug habit that could have destroyed his life. Instead, after a succession of failed treatment attempts, he found a recovery center that worked—and in the process discovered his entrepreneurial spirit. That spirit, along with business mentoring from a family friend, enabled Matalon to turn his life completely around. Today, instead of using drugs, he helps substance abusers and others who violate the law through his company, A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds. In the 10 years since its founding, A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds has grown into a multi-million dollar firm, all because of one man’s determination—and a 2nd chance.

The Downward Spiral Begins

When Matalon began taking drugs at 15, he never imagined he would end up having a stroke due to drug use, or have six friends die of overdoses. As with many drug users, his habit had begun with marijuana and escalated over time. By the time he was 21, he had attended a string of schools, failed three residential rehab attempts and relapsed after five opiate detox efforts. His mother asked him to leave the family home and told him, “Call me when you get it together.” Facing rock bottom, Matalon found a treatment facility in Florida that would become the first step toward his new life. “Whatever you tell me to do, I’ll do it,” Matalon told the counselors at the facility. First, they prescribed a non-traditional treatment that sent Matalon to St. Kitts for a period. Then, recognizing his strong tendency towards relapse and the role that long-term treatment plays in meaningful recovery, they referred him to the Talbot Recovery Campus in Atlanta.

A New Beginning

In 2004, after eight months at Talbot, Matalon was released. Living with a roommate he met in treatment, Matalon began the cautious journey back to being a productive member of society. “I knew I had reached the final ‘get your life together’ moment,” says Matalon. “This was my last opportunity.” Initially, Matalon worked in landscaping and the hotel industry before meeting a Gwinnett County bail bondsman and landing a job with him. Matalon stayed at the bail bond firm for two years, learning the business from the ground up and, in the process, becoming the top agent. During that time, he realized that he loved being a bail bondsman—helping others who had been accused of crimes keep their lives together while they awaited trial. However, he didn’t like the way most bonding businesses were run. They were detached, money-focused operations where the accused weren’t given much respect. Matalon wanted to start a company with a new approach—a friendly, helpful bonding firm where both employees and clients were treated like family. Matalon’s dreams were big—and so was the price tag for achieving them. Bail bonding firms need at least $250,000 in start-up capital, and who, he thought, would loan that kind of money to “a screw up”? Matalon approached a potential investor, a longtime friend of Daniel’s late father and the man Daniel considered his “second Dad.” His second Dad did the last thing anyone expected—he agreed to loan Matalon the entire $250,000 to get started. Then he introduced Matalon to Tim Fulton, a business expert who would help him define his brand, create a business plan, and take the other necessary steps to promote success. From the beginning, A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds focused on bringing a new attitude to the bail bonding business—one that is personable, efficient and friendly. “We’re not here to pass judgment. Our clients have been accused, not tried and found guilty,” Matalon says. “I try to make it easy on the clients. More than anything, most of them just need some normalcy in life. They need to have travel plans approved, and we help them with that.” Today, A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds has 25 employees in three locations and Matalon is considering a national expansion. Fulton continues to consult with the organization, and Matalon not only has repaired relations with his family; he has been happily married for more than a decade, and has two children of his own. “I’ve been to the depths of the dark side. I was living in it,” Matalon concludes. “Then, I found my 2nd chance. We want to help our clients find one, too.”

Recent Reviews

Alfreda BlandAlfreda Bland ★★★★★ If you ever need any type of service for your family or friends try a Second Chance Bail Bonds they do a great job and they keep you informed on everything concerning your case. Also the customer service is awesome from the time you bond out and even when your out on bond, they keep you informed on everything. Also if you want to talk to somebody that knows there job call and ask to speak with Quallan the best in town.Great service!!!S. S.S. S. ★★★★★ Thank you Michelle for your patience, your attentiveness, your support and your care. You made this process go really smoothly for me and I very much appreciate all your help.Victoria BellVictoria Bell ★★★★★ I want to take the time to say Ms.Angela in the Cherokee County District was so helpful and understanding and works quick and very knowledgeable.Victoria & ChrisWe were very Blessed to have you in our corner ❤️❤️❤️❤️Much RespectLinda GreyLinda Grey ★★★★★ My attorney recommended 2nd Chance and I could not be happier. If you're in the unfortunate situation of needing such services this is the only company you need to call. They answered every phone call and I made several. They never treated me like an idiot. They were exceptionally patient and let me know when the bail was physically posted. They made an unpleasant situation a little bit better and it is very appreciated. 5 stars all the way around.Dawn KeysDawn Keys ★★★★★ Tenith is really is an Angel. She was so knowledgeable, professional and helpful during my lowest time in life, and for this I am grateful. 2nd chance PLEASE keep Tenithia because her spirit and energy is amazing and I don’t think my family and I could have made it through the debacle without her patience and empathy.Thanks again Tenithia!Yadi TellezYadi Tellez ★★★★★ Ms.Michelle was very polite and took good care of me and answered all my questions about my loved one. I highly recommend them to any body looking a bonds person in Fulton County thank you for your business I appreciate you very much God bless people like you.tameka evanstameka evans ★★★★★ I never thought I would need too but I did and shakeelah was very easygoing and polite and I had a great experience while using this bonding company to get my guy out hopefully we won’t have to ever again but if we do I’ll definitely be using them again Thank you so much ShakeelahBorn StunnaBorn Stunna ★★★★★ f you or a loved one need a bondsman look no further. You will be treated with the upmost respect. Brandon Moore is honest and caring. Bail Bonds Now is a breath of fresh air in your time of difficulty and confusion.Carmen HendersonCarmen Henderson ★★★★★ Javier and Kyle were very nice and helped me all in under and hour. I was not expecting such a quick turn around. I really appreciate them and will highly recommend.Tiana RobinsonTiana Robinson ★★★★★ Michelle at 2nd chance Bail Bonds. Was absolutely amazing she kept me updated all day. She was constantly texting me and calling me and letting me know what was going on with the process. She was very gracious very professional and she walked me through the process step-by-step. Thank you Michelle you are amazing.Elisa VelisElisa Velis ★★★★★ This is place that has excellent customer services. They were available at any time and help as much as they can answering questions and explaining. Definitely would recommend this place!Charles MountainCharles Mountain ★★★★★ Javier is awesome. First time ever bailing someone out and I was surprised at how easy he made the process. Thank you A2CBB!JavaundraJavaundra ★★★★★ I went to second chance bail bonding and Brittany was great. She was phenomenal. She helped me and my family and I would refer them to any of my friends that needs a good bail bondsman. Her customer service was great her compassion everything overall 100 so if you ever need a good bail bondsman look them up and ask for Brittany she’s the best.❤️Twan beeTwan bee ★★★★★ Tellie was amazing she constantly checked in with as well as gave me updates about upcoming court dates. She would take time on her personal time to make sure I had the information I needed to get my case handled. I would recommend 2nd chance bond everytime. And if your using them definitely request Tellie she is amazing and down to earth. Appreciate her so much didn’t let me down 1 time she is extremely amazing and a generous person thanks againcelestine leonardcelestine leonard ★★★★★ I called this bonding company around 6:30ish this morning, a young lady by the name of Shakeelah answered the phone. She was PLEASANT, she explained Everything in details, she send the email over in a timely manner. Later in the day she sent a follow up text and kept me informed. I’m just thrilled over the AWESOMENESS. I would like to say Thank you Shakeelah even tho o hope to never have to do business with you again but if I ever need a bonding company I will be calling you😘Selena NobleSelena Noble ★★★★★ I have had to use a bond company for the first time and stumbled on 2nd Chance.Well I’m glad I did and got Michelle on the other end of the phone.Aside from being helpful with the bond process she has been more helpful that the jail systems has.Thank to Michelle and 2nd ChancePamela FunschPamela Funsch ★★★★★ A 2nd Chance gave my son the fresh start he needed. With my son who resided formerly in another state, finding someone who would give him a chance was difficult. Thanks, Jacob for all you have done to help us out...It doesn't go without gratitude.Mateo NunezMateo Nunez ★★★★★ I will 100% recommend this place, especially Michelle! She is very understanding and honestly very helpful about the whole process. Once again if you do find yourself in some trouble I would speak to Michelle !Danielle HeidingerDanielle Heidinger ★★★★★ Great customer service. Quick and easy process. I recommend using 2nd Chance over any other bonding place in Cherokee. Thanks!Mrs. RMrs. R ★★★★★ Very professional they kept me updated and explained everything I would need. Kyle was excellent I will use him again if ever needed and if u looking for someone to work for u to get ur love ones out of the Jail say no more this is the place.Jazz SymoneJazz Symone ★★★★★ Michelle is amazing. I called so many bail bonds people and none of them were as kind and willing to work with me to get my fiancé out as Michelle was. She answered every question I had. She was efficient in getting everything done and helped me get my loved one out as soon as possible. Thank you Michelle!! I would recommend anyone to use this 2nd chance.MANATOBA MitchellMANATOBA Mitchell ★★★★★ Michelle thanks!!!!I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your company about the assistance, attentive nature and reassurance that you have provided today. I know we had a lot of questions but the guy from another bonds company dang near gave us a nervous breakdown yesterday and now he is holding our money hostage.Thank you again God Bless!!Winfred BentWinfred Bent ★★★★★ Kelly Barnes was super helpful! I great appreciate her customer service skills and the care she gives to her clients. Kelly Barnes is the BEST!Roz MarableRoz Marable ★★★★★ Highly recommend A 2nd Chance Bail Bond. My experience with this Company began with the Representative by the name of Phil, his attention to detail and his customer care was amazing. Mr. Phil informed Me step by step as to the release process, texting and an actually phone call. The Detainee was released within the timeline Mr. Phil stated. Mr. Phil’s vibe was so relaxing under the circumstances. Here’s the kicker the price was within reason of the bond, NO extreme up charge which I experienced with other bond company’s. And YES I do understand it’s a business. For Me living out-of-town and a family member finds himself in a pickle, I appreciate the Service of A 2nd Chance Bail Bond and that particular Day I appreciated Mr. Phil. Great Job!!!Alixandra RaymondAlixandra Raymond ★★★★★ Michelle handled my situation amazingly. It was such a quick and painless process, and she kept checking as often as I did in order to ensure that bond was posted as soon as possible. Plus side: no cash needed! They are still contactless and due to that, accept card only. This helped so much in allowing us to retain cash for any future bills that may come up. Thank you guys so much!Diana RuckerDiana Rucker ★★★★★ Kyle was a huge help throughout the entire process. This was my 1st time having to bail somoeone out in over 10years and Kyle was patient and kind while explaining and walking me through all the steps I needed to take. He even continued to help me on his day off by staying in close contact with the office to make sure the person on duty was up-to-date on what we had discussed and next actions. Everyone here is very respectful and professional and truly understand that if you are calling, you are already stressed and they want to help make things easier to navigate. I would recommend anyone to 2nd Chance Bail Bonds and definitely ask for Kyle.Arlene SmithArlene Smith ★★★★★ All other bail places gave me 10 rEXCUSES why they can’t help us. ALL OTHER PLACES!!! But these guys looked for ways to HELP. NOT EXCUSES, real help.Quality has no substitute.Nice job guys.ArleneAbbra SimpsonAbbra Simpson ★★★★★ Hi I am very pleased with this company I like the fact that they work with you on the down payment and monthly payments this was a blessing for me .I didn't have the entire amount but yet they allowed my loved one to come home I have used them many times with my loved ones and they are very courteous and very kind Shay especially and I'm appreciative of her so thank you so much for being there for me through my sad time I would recommend you all to anyone thank you!!Putrell AllsPutrell Alls ★★★★★ I have a testimony to tell you about this wonderful angel that God had sent to me when I was in discourage about finding a bond company for my son, I called the office and a women answered (Shakeelah). I had told her about other companies I was calling and couldn't come up with a solution about my son's bond, she asked his name and information, she said I will figure something out for you, I keep praising God because I was at my ends with everything going on, When God send angels your way he does, She was so manner able with me as a parent, she took her time to keep me up a float with everything was going on,(Joke) no matter how many times I called her she picked up her phone telling me the next steps and giving me encouraging thoughts that he was on his way out she even went over and beyond calling them for updates. I can't thank this woman enough for understanding the blessing she sent my way that day. I will let everyone knows if they ever need a bondsman, she will get my 10 Stars. Thank you again. Shakeelah. May God keep your heart pure to keep helping people.Jonathan McKinnonJonathan McKinnon ★★★★★ Kelly Barnes is a wonderful person! Excellent customer service. Patient, caring and consistent! We definitely recommend her for your bonding services!!!!!!Fame QueenFame Queen ★★★★★ This company really stands by their name. Very understanding, avalible anytime and respectful. I truly do love the way i was treated . Thank you for such a great experience.Tasha RigginsTasha Riggins ★★★★★ As this is my 1st and hopefully last time having this experience, Ten was very patient and informative. The site was easy to understand and fill out. Thank you.Denise HicksDenise Hicks ★★★★★ Kelly and 2nd Chance Bail Bonds are awesome. So helpful and kind. Ready to help at a moments notice. She made everything simple and easy. She answered my many questions. Thank you!! I highly recommend!!Erica SmithErica Smith ★★★★★ Unfortunately, even though I did have to go to jail I’m appreciative that A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds was there to help my family & I during that time. They were very quick with the bonding process and my husband was able to do the paperwork from the comfort of our home rather than having to go into the office. Would definitely recommend this bondsmen!Sarai JuelzSarai Juelz ★★★★★ Shakeelah was awesome. They really do give a second chance. I needed to bail my brother out and with the judicial system stacked against him we almost gave up. Every interaction with her and other staff has been nothing short of Amazing. They are professional and they really care. They even work with you if you are short on the money. Give them a call today. Trust me, my brother's situation was VERY complicated, but she found a way to say yes. And the great thing about them is, You do everything via online.Ashley WileyAshley Wiley ★★★★★ They were so kind and patient with me being a first time person doing this Wendy was great and I was kept informed the whole time. Thank u for everything I could not have made it this far. Thank uLorene WatsonLorene Watson ★★★★★ PROFESSIONAL! First time using this Bonding Company. They are professional and personable. From the first call I made, to completing the paperwork, they were friendly and showed compassion for our situation. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of a bond calling A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds. Thank you Everyone!Jasmine KnoxJasmine Knox ★★★★★ This company rite here is the best company rite here but this one person her name Victoria she is the best of the best she have been most biggest help to me ever if u wanna bond some one go to her she gone get the job done gone be right just wanna thanks her so much all that she have done for us thank ms Victoria u are real mvpSherrita BSherrita B ★★★★★ Ms. Victoria listen to EVERYTHING I had to say and explain Everything to me up front. I went somewhere else first and they tried to charge me double the bond. 2nd chance bonding is a Blessing. I will NEVER go to another bonding company. Thank you Ms. Victoria.❤️❤️Christine’Lau DChristine’Lau D ★★★★★ Kelly has been such a great help. She was patient & was able to get us what we needed in a timely manner. I definitely recommend her on assisting.Tisha KraftTisha Kraft ★★★★★ Loved “Hey this is Letitia Kraft I just want to let you'll know that I appreciated what you guys did. You guys were willing to give us a chance and you guys were so nice. Ty for taking time for us. At least he don't have to sit and wait till that one goes to court. I am just ready for him to come home Ben is the nicest guy u will ever know would give u his last $ if u needed it. Life hadn't been easy for us I always tell everyone that he loves his family to much that's why he can't stay out of trouble. But anyways ty for what you'll do. You make a difference whether u see it or not ”Quent ClaytonQuent Clayton ★★★★★ Tens customer service is amazing A 2nd chance has saved my life a couple times. I'm forever grateful and appreciative. The Dekalb location worked with me with payments and have seen me through some tough times. Ms. Ten applied my ankle monitor today and she listened to my concerns. She's always top notch I just wonder if she's like this with all of the customers well I hope she is.D. GloverD. Glover ★★★★★ Michelle was very helpful and quick to respond! Answered all questions with patience and empathy. The on-line contract procedure saved time and was very user friendly.Ignacio GuzmanIgnacio Guzman ★★★★★ Never thought I would need to use a bonding company. These guys were very friendly and easy to use. I did everything from home and was done in about 10 minutes. Thanks again KyleBeautiful OneBeautiful One ★★★★★ Michelle has a wonderful personality. If you have a loved one that needs to be bailed out of jail, this is your place. Michelle put my mind at ease made an unbearable situation easier. Thank you so much for helping my family.Yasaman HarveyYasaman Harvey ★★★★★ Trey was very professional and efficient. He took his time to explain the process and make sure that everything was accurate. I would definitely recommend them as a first choice if you ever need to bind someone outBEVERLY FOOTEBEVERLY FOOTE ★★★★★ Trey Harris thanks for your patience, understanding, professional manners and great quality of service. I would recommend a 2 chance bail bonds to anyone and especially my love ones. Trey thanks again for supporting me and helping directing me in how to help others with your service.Lollipop SquadLollipop Squad ★★★★★ Evan was super nice and non-judgemental during the whole bonding process. We were able to complete the application and necessary forms via email during a storm so we didn’t have to drive all the way over to the jail during the bad weather. He was quick and very communicative with our family, calling several times to update us on the process. Hopefully, we won’t ever need a bondsman again, but if we do, he will definitely be who we call!!Monica DuffyMonica Duffy ★★★★★ Tenithia was so helpful. Extremely helpful actually. She stayed over her shift to helpGary ButlerGary Butler ★★★★★ Ms Tenithia Robinson was extremely courteous, informative, respectful and provided excellent customer service! This happened to be my very first experience with the bail process. Ms. Robinson provided compassionate and a smooth experience. I would definitely recommend this company and especially Ms. Robinson Thank you!!!Kirsten BroussardKirsten Broussard ★★★★★ Use these guys. Drove in storm to place bond in speedy time. I would recommend them to everyone for professional and reliable results.Christopher BohusChristopher Bohus ★★★★★ This is the easiest Bonding company I have ever dealt with. Didn't even have to return to the bondsman after release. Everything was handled over email.lisa smithlisa smith ★★★★★ It’s a great way to do business because of COV is back bad how ever I wear glasses and trying to do it as fast as I can so I thank this is a Geary safe way of handling businessDivineVirgoDivineVirgo ★★★★★ 10/23/21 When I spoke to Kelly at ASAP, she was VERY helpful, informative and Polite during our conversation. She was genuine and sincere and really nice, that was a breath of fresh air. It's extremely hard in THESE times to still find people in the "customer service" arena, to Give Good customer service. I found it refreshing. Kelly advised me of everything necessary to bond our daughter/sister/niece out. A few family had called her at least once before me lol... so she was familiar with our case when I finally spoke to her. She made me feel like we had been friends for years. She answered all my questions, we talked at great length, and most importantly she treated my daughter like the Human & not her criminal charges!! I had interviewed several different companies, but This one was the Best, Kelly promptly replied with ALL the necessary information to start right away and didn't fumble the ball once.THANK YOU Kelly... We Will keep in touch!!! But prayerfully, we won't need your Professional services again. lol. But if anyone is in need of a bonding and/or monitoring company... This is the One!!! They have several locations!! The price was reasonable and when I tell you the process was ASAP... I mean it from start to finish after funds was paid and jail was called was less than One hour!! I hadn't held my child in almost 90 days!!... literally 12 minutes after Kelly put that ankle monitor on her, she was out the door, in my arms and Home "Free"! And for that we are THANKFUL!!!Happy Holidays to you and your Family Kelly!!DivineVirgoDivineVirgo ★★★★★ 10/23/21 When I spoke to Kelly at ASAP, she was VERY helpful, informative and Polite during our conversation. She was genuine and sincere and really nice, that was a breath of fresh air. It's extremely hard in THESE times to still find people in the "customer service" arena, to Give Good customer service. I found it refreshing. Kelly advised me of everything necessary to bond our daughter/sister/niece out. A few family had called her at least once before me lol... so she was familiar with our case when I finally spoke to her. She made me feel like we had been friends for years. She answered all my questions, we talked at great length, and most importantly she treated my daughter like the Human & not her criminal charges!! I had interviewed several different companies, but This one was the Best, Kelly promptly replied with ALL the necessary information to start right away and didn't fumble the ball once.THANK YOU Kelly... We Will keep in touch!!! But prayerfully, we won't need your Professional services again. lol. But if anyone is in need of a bonding and/or monitoring company... This is the One!!! They have several locations!! The price was reasonable and when I tell you the process was ASAP... I mean it from start to finish after funds was paid and jail was called was less than One hour!! I hadn't held my child in almost 90 days!!... literally 12 minutes after Kelly put that ankle monitor on her, she was out the door, in my arms and Home "Free"! And for that we are THANKFUL!!!Happy Holidays to you and your Family Kelly!!Ruby WilliamsRuby Williams ★★★★★ They were very professional, truthful as well as extremely knowledgeable. When u in a place when u don’t know what to do it gave us peace. I highly recommend 2nd chance bail bond to someone new to the experience or if u were n this situation before. The important thing to remember is God gives us a second chance! I praise God this company was there for us every step of the way!DANETTA PINCKNEYDANETTA PINCKNEY ★★★★★ I can’t remember his name but it started with a THe was great in every way showed concern responsive and he took care of everythingThank you muchMary TorresMary Torres ★★★★★ From the very first phone call, Apollo is kind, caring, reassuring and informative each step along the way. He truly knows how to work with people who are not at the best moment in their lives. You can just see his heart shine through his work.Olivia AllgoodOlivia Allgood ★★★★★ Apollo bonded out my Son .. he was fast Efficient and willing to help.. he answered all my questions and called me through out the process…Apollo your the best!! Thanks again…Jasmine BarberJasmine Barber ★★★★★ Top notch service and responsiveness from Ms. Harper on all things bond-related! Knowledgeable, honest, and understanding is everything you should look for from a Bond Company. Do your research, compare your options, and you'll probably land here when you are trying to secure the release of your loved one facing criminal charges.Sandra ClarkeSandra Clarke ★★★★★ Trey,Good morning! Thank you so much for your great service and your patience throughout this bonding process for my son. We went last night and Kyle was very professional and kind. I pray that the Lord will bless the work of your hands and keep you and your descendants away from the troubles of the world. I pray a covering of grace and mercy over your life and that the Lord will be with you always. You guys handled us with dignity and kindness.Thank you and much blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽Sandra MunozSandra Munoz ★★★★★ We are from out of state and I couldn’t find a bondsman that would help us without trying to over charge us or just simply saying “sorry we can’t help” or not even try to call me back but once I called A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds all my worries were gone! I spoke with Kyle and he did not skip a beat in wanting to help our family! I was losing hope and Kyle showed us it wasn’t about the money it was about helping. We couldn’t be more grateful for all he did! He was very professional! Very kind and acted quickly! The company name and motto says it all “Everyone deserves a second chance” and it’s true! Thank you for everything Kyle! God Bless!Robin LazenbyRobin Lazenby ★★★★★ I contacted A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds for our daughter who was arrested for a DUI ,etc. She moved in with us to help us with our physical limitations. We are retired and in poor health. We had NEVER dealt with a bail bonding business before. Brandon was so understanding and kind He handled everything for us on line. He was wonderful. We were lost until we got in touch with him. Thanks so very much for being our hero !!!!Tashia ClementTashia Clement ★★★★★ I was forced to contact A 2nd Chance due to a very unfortunate life changing incident.. I have never been in a position to require these types of services.. So I was very nervous and lost when I contacted this company.. Kyle was able to ease my mind a bit.. and give me good information that helped me through this process.. I am very happy with the services and how I was treated! I highly recommend this company!!Thank you so much for everything!Mystic HaircareMystic Haircare ★★★★★ I called 3 other places before calling into 2nd chance to help get my cousin out. I spoke with Kyle and his customer service and reassurance was great. I recommend using this company!!! Fast and smooth.Raquanda ButlerRaquanda Butler ★★★★★ Kyle was amazing.. He was really informative and open and honest. I will certainly recommend him for future references..ATL MinajATL Minaj ★★★★★ Kyle and Trey made the process very smooth for my first time. They were great.Karen ArsenaultKaren Arsenault ★★★★★ Shakeelah was extremely helpful and professional. Her kindness meant alot during a very trying situation. I would highly recommend her.Issa RissaIssa Rissa ★★★★★ Kyle W answered a late night call on a Friday. He was very resourceful and informative! Not to mention..... He did NOT HANG UP ON ME like the others did! Even though he wasn't able to help me personally, he helped me with a lead on how to solve my issue!Brianna MilllerBrianna Milller ★★★★★ Great experience with Michelle. She was patient, through and kind throughout the entire process. She answered all my questions and ALWAYS follows up. I used both the Fulton and Dekalb location and she helped me get things going there as well. I’ve dealt with other agencies in the past but 2nd Chance is legit and diligent. They truly want to help bring your loved one home. Go with them, you will not regret it.nyjah Websternyjah Webster ★★★★★ The whole staff was great they was fast with the whole process I really work one on one with Trey job well done thank yall so much good customer service very professionalTAKINYA SIMSTAKINYA SIMS ★★★★★ Where do I begin to say Cherre made this process so easy. She was very professional and made the experience pain free when I was all over the place. I recommend her and the business for all your bail bonds needs.Brie MuñozBrie Muñoz ★★★★★ They were very knowledgeable when I called and asked regarding certain information.Trenecia EcholsTrenecia Echols ★★★★★ This was a wonderful experience despite the situation. Cherre took great care of me and I didn’t have to move a muscle. She was attentive and very quick with her response! She eased my nerves just by having wonder customer serviceThanks Cherre😀Gladys RodriguezGladys Rodriguez ★★★★★ Michelle went above and beyond. She was really responsive and answered all of my questions in a professional manner. I would recommend her and this company if they are trying to get their loves ones back home. Thank you so much Michelle for your help may God bless.Sharita BestSharita Best ★★★★★ If I could give them more stars I would because this the best company I have ever did business with professional everyone was nice and helpful and the building was so clean and smell awesome I would prefer anyone to try them if you need a bondsman hands down great company 😊dimanche callenderdimanche callender ★★★★★ It was an amazing experience everyone was very helpful and polite they were very prompt with helping me and brought my fiance home thank youATL SANTANAATL SANTANA ★★★★★ Ms.Michelle is definitely HEAVEN SENT. thank you. You are amazingStacey DeNicolaStacey DeNicola ★★★★★ This was a wholly new experience for me and I cannot say enough about Michelle for getting me through the process quickly, efficiently and with the utmost compassion. This girl had literally a MILLION people calling her at the same time and she maintained a positive attitude and professionalism the entire time. I’m hoping to never have to call them again but for sure if anyone I know inAtlanta is in need of these types of services I will highly recommend!!js_loader


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