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A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds Trained on Fulton County’s E-bond Platform

Posted October 26, 2022

E-Bond Training

Fulton County is one of the first counties in metro Atlanta to enable e-bond, an electronic process that executes bail bonds completely online. At our Atlanta office, the A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds team demonstrated how our digital processes already align with this new e-bonds platform.

E-bonds is part of Sheriff Pat Labat’s proactive approach to more efficiently managing Fulton County’s law enforcement operations. With e-bonds, bond applications are processed 100% online without the requirement of visiting a bail bond office. By effectively fast-tracking defendants’ release from jail, e-bonds saves time for jail staff as well as defendants and their families.

We’re excited to work with Sheriff Labat, whose pioneering leadership is changing the way jail and bail are handled in Fulton County.

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