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Former NASCAR Driver Gets Back on Track Thanks to A 2nd Chance

Posted April 7, 2020

A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds recently helped a client who had truly veered off course. Salvatore Iovino, a former NASCAR driver, was in trouble in three Georgia counties for multiple offenses involving drugs and theft. “I was arrested and jailed in Cobb County, and once I was bailed out of there, I was then arrested and jailed in both Fulton and DeKalb Counties. A 2nd Chance bailed me out of all three,” he says.

It was an unusual and complex situation, but A 2nd Chance stepped in and handled it. Salvatore’s mom had approached other bail bonds companies who had turned her down. “When I got the call from Salvatore’s mom, she really sold me on his story. When I completed my due diligence, it seemed like he’d had a great life prior to getting in trouble, and I knew that I wanted an opportunity to be a part of his comeback story,” says Jesse Fellabaum, General Manager of A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds.

“I used to be a successful business owner and NASCAR driver. Through a series of unfortunate events and poor choices, I lost my business and my NASCAR sponsorship,” Salvatore explains. “Turning to drugs as an escape led to very bad things, and I put myself in trouble and in quite a dilemma.”

During his stay at the Cobb Detention Center, all outside communications were cut off. “We could only come out of our cells for 15 minutes each day to take a shower. I was not able to make phone calls,” he says. When he was finally allowed to call his mother, who lives in California, she began her search for a bonds company who would work with them. “Nobody, I mean nobody, would help her post his bail. His charges, along with his history, put him off the charts for risk. After careful consideration, I decided to stick my neck out and take a leap of faith,” Jesse explains. “I felt compelled to offer ‘A 2nd Chance’ to Salvatore, and he did not disappoint!”

Today, Salvatore is on a new path as a project manager making a six-figure salary. He has drawn from his previous business experience to chart a successful new direction and reconnect with old customers who are driving new business. He’s also in rehab and fulfilling his obligations to the courts.

“When I went through my rough patch last year, I had the know-how to be successful; I just had no motivation. I’m doing well today because someone was willing to give me the second chance I desperately needed,” Salvatore says.

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