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Marietta Location

A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds offers services locally and nationwide. We are committed to working day in and day out to help provide our clients with a 2nd Chance. Our Cobb County location is less than a mile away from Cobb County’s Detention Center.

Our mission is to be the BEST bail bonding company around! That’s why our professional and personable staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Come and see how we can provide you or your loved one with a 2nd Chance!



Lynda the “Tenacious” Administrative Coordinator

Lynda is a part of the administrative backbone of A 2nd Chance. She strongly believes that freedom and faith is he most precious thing a person can have. Therefore, she works hard to help others keep theirs. When not at work, she enjoys reading and hanging out with her loved ones. Don’t take her kindness for weakness, as Lynda is a Second-Degree Black Belt. While exercising, she jams to the Eagles band. When not indulging in her favorite movie, “Young Frankenstein,” she watches the Dallas Cowboys defend her hometown.


Jesse, the “Diligent” Bonding Supervisor

Jesse is a bondsman at A 2nd Chance who enjoys assisting those in need. Although the work is challenging, he finds it very rewarding as it helps him to grow as a person. After clocking out, Jesse enjoys golfing and spending quality time with his family. He is a family man and can’t survive a day without his wife and daughter. During football season, Jesse cheers for the Georgia Bulldogs. On the off season, he listens to Shinedown and watches his favorite movie, “Law Abiding Citizen.”


Kyle the “Blessed” Bondsman

Kyle is a bondsman at A 2nd Chance who loves to see his hard work pay off. He believes the harder he works, the better off the company will be. After leaving his 2nd Chance office, he heads home to design websites for companies in need. No matter how busy he may be, Kyle cannot go a day without his children or listening to the rapper Future. When relaxing, you can catch him watching a Chicago Bears game or the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”


Brian the “Dependable” Bondsman

Brian is a bondsman at A 2nd Chance who enjoys helping families and hearing clients’ positive stories.” When not at work, he loves spending quality time with his children. One person he cannot live without is his wife. Although Brian is shy, he can strike up a conversation with anyone when it comes to defending his home team, the Georgia Bulldogs. When not with family, you can find Brian jamming to Kid Rock or watching his favorite movie “Tombstone.”


Andy the “Adventurous” Bondsman

Andy is a bondman who uses his 2nd Chance experience to expand his knowledge on laws and the business side of bail bonds. No matter where he goes, he can’t survive a day without music. His favorite person to listen to is rap mogul, Jay-Z. When not cheering for his home team, the Dallas Cowboys, you can catch him watching the movie “Good Fellas.”


Stacy the “Hakuna Matata” Administrative Coordinator

Stacy is a bondsman at A 2nd Chance who loves helping others who are in need of a 2nd chance. When not at work, she enjoys spending family time with her husband, daughter and two dogs. She cannot go a day without her family and friends. One thing that others do not know about Stacy is that she loves to clean and mow her own lawn. On her downtime, she enjoys watching her favorite movie “Forrest Gump.” When not chanting “Run Forrest, run!” she listens to Ed Sheeran and cheers for her home team, the Georgia Bulldogs.


Candyce the “Outgoing” Bondsman

Candyce is a bondsman at A 2nd Chance. Her favorite part of her workday is watching people walk away with another opportunity to better themselves. When not at work, she enjoys taking relaxing vacations. No matter where she is at, she has to have her phone and music. When looking at her, people can’t tell that she is adventurous. On her downtime, she listens to Whitney Houston and watches her favorite movie, “The Notebook.” During football season, Candyce cheers for her home team the Atlanta Falcons.

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Lynda & Jesse saved me after an incredibly stressful day. I drove 3 hours to get some paperwork notarized and upon my arrival in Atlanta the notary that was supposed to meet me seemingly bailed and didn't answer her phone. I called around to see if anyone would possibly be able to help on last minutes notice on a holiday of all times. Lynda and Jesse were not only incredibly kind to assist us, Lynda even stayed past her intended hours, but they made a very painful and stressful situation just a little bit easier to deal with, they were incredibly kind and professional and the location is beautiful and clean. I highly suggest them and am forever grateful for the more
Natascha Dailey
Natascha Dailey
17:31 04 Jul 17
Ryan went above and beyond to resolve a situation pertaining to Linda who works there. She is the rudest person that I have ever encountered especially considering the fact she's supposed to providing customer service. That low life literally mocked me and continuously hung up on me which I will not remove from my review as everyone should know not to deal with her. However the owners and general managers of the company itself are absolutely extraordinary both in customer service and resolving issues. Thank you so much Ryan for all your help. Hopefully you all remove the woman that works there so she no longer poorly represents your company. I am still absolutely amazed that the GM reached out to me on his personal cell phone in order for us to all have a fast and quick resolution in regard to a friends older bond I had consigned. Thank you once again! read more
Elaina Hardwick
Elaina Hardwick
12:39 30 May 17
They are the best. The staff were very respectful and considerate of my situation. They are precise and quick. Thank you for everything. I highly recommend 2nd Chance bonds .read more
Jermichael Hambright
Jermichael Hambright
17:21 17 Jun 17
The people at A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds have displayed the utmost in professionalism. They have shown a sense of dedication to helping me and my wife in our time of need. Jesse has stayed up with me since 4 o'clock this morning doing all he can to help me. If anybody else is in trouble and needs a hand to pick them up out off that hole, Jesse and 2nd Chance Bail Bonds are the people to go see! They will help you and your family in your time of more
joseph epherson
joseph epherson
12:42 17 May 17
This bonding company was extremely helpful and easy to deal with. Thanks again Kyle.
Ronnie Collins
Ronnie Collins
05:20 11 Jul 17
Ryan Long
Ryan Long
02:48 02 Aug 17
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I could not have asked for better treatment. I have never been through this experience before so I was clueless as to what to expect. They walked me through every step I needed to do, and what to expect. They communicated constantly with my friends and family through every step of the process, which brought such comfort to them. The individual attention and compassion for my situation far exceeded my more
April Becker
April Becker
16:30 21 Nov 17
Jesse was cool and helped me handle business very well. Made obtaining a bond easy.
Gil Rodriguez
Gil Rodriguez
21:53 30 Nov 17