If you or a loved one are arrested and want to get out of jail quickly, our team of bail bondsmen located throughout Metro Atlanta are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re a reputable bail bond company with more than fifteen years of specializing in second chances.

The Bail Bonding Process

No one plans on getting arrested, but if it happens, you should know how the bail bonds process works.

Bail is set by a judge after you are arrested. Because bail is typically an unexpected expense, many defendants can’t afford to pay it on their own, so they work with a bail bonds company to post a portion of the bail on their behalf. Bail bonds companies charge a non-refundable fee, set by law, to secure the defendant’s release from jail.

Think of bail as an “insurance policy” to make sure a defendant appears in court for judicial proceedings related to their case. Click here to learn more about the bail bonds process in Georgia.

Why Choose A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds

Why Choose A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds

This might be your first encounter with the criminal justice system, or it might not. Whatever the case, we know that being arrested is not pleasant for anyone, which is why the first thing you need to do is call a reputable and experienced bail bond company.

From the local to the federal level, we offer bail bonds services in Metro Atlanta, including Barrow, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Newton, North Fulton and Walton Counties. We are an experienced bonding company and offer the highest level of customer service in the bail bonds industry. We can handle bonds from any JAIL and any CITY. Let A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds be there for you at your time of need. If you are struggling to pay a friend or family member’s bail, we offer various payment plans tailored to fit your needs.

What Our Clients Say...

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CNN Interview with Daniel Matalon

When the Media Comes Calling

We experienced a super-hot week at A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds recently and that had nothing to do with the record August temperatures. As you may have noticed, we had some high-profile clients visit our Fulton County bail bonds office…

Daniel Matalon

Daniel's 2nd Chance Story

In the late 1990s, when Daniel Matalon was a teenager, he began a drug habit that could have destroyed his life. Instead, after a succession of failed treatment attempts, he found a recovery center that worked—and in the process discovered his entrepreneurial spirit.

That spirit, along with business mentoring from a family friend, enabled Matalon to turn his life completely around. Today, instead of using drugs, he helps substance abusers and others who violate the law through his company, A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds.

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