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Bail Bonds Services at Your Fingertips in the New Normal

Posted May 12, 2020

With ‘stay at home’ orders still largely in place (or, at least, in spirit) for the foreseeable future, most companies have had to make significant adjustments in how they do businesses – and the bail bonds industry is no different.

While crime is significantly down, people do still find themselves in trouble and in need of a helping hand after a brush with the law. Fortunately, A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds was prepared and ready to help clients with a ‘touchless experience’ long before the pandemic set in, and we’re continuing to do what we do despite the virus.

Months ago, A 2nd Chance was ready to take its services next level, and we put a system in place to process all paperwork online and complete bonds from home. We are able to service clients via phone, tablet, or computer, and the system has been working beautifully.

Unlike back in the day, when we sometimes had to rely on fax machines and UPS Store services, we can now provide the necessary information in minutes directly to the customer’s smart device. At least 95% of our business is being now conducted over the phone or online with credit cards, and clients don’t even have to come to our offices unless they need to pay cash.

Everyone is wondering when things will get back to ‘normal,’ but so much has changed before our eyes that we’re not likely to ever go back to the way things were. At A 2nd Chance, we’ve embraced the changes and will continue to adapt as needed. We’re continuing to help people in need with the compassionate and caring service that sets us apart. We’re very grateful and thankful to be fully staffed, fully open and fully ready to serve attorneys and their clients.

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