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Attorney Relationships Can Smooth the Bonding Experience

Posted August 31, 2022

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Trust is the basis for almost all relationships, and the linkage between attorneys and bail bonding companies is no different. Taking time to forge relationships with reputable bail bondsmen can help your clients and your business.

For defendants, a referral from a reputable source such as an attorney allows the defendant to take advantage of a trusted relationship that already exists. Being able to name your attorney and explain that you are calling at the lawyer’s suggestion can often secure the involvement of a reputable bail bonds company faster than sending a cold inquiry from their website.

Clients Benefit When Attorneys Leverage Their Relationships

For example, a recently charged individual was looking at serious charges in Dekalb County and was unable to find a bonding company that would agree to work with him. The seriousness of the pending charges, along with his prior criminal history, were factors driving the bail bond companies’ rejections.

However, the situation started looking up for the defendant when he engaged his attorney in the search. The attorney had a good relationship and a positive track record with a reputable bail bonds company that the defendant was able to leverage on his own behalf. Once the attorney vouched for his client, the bail bond company agreed to work with the client, bail was satisfied and the defendant was released.

In addition to the attorney and bail bonds company relationship helping clients at the time charges are filed, that familiarity can be advantageous for the defendant who fails to appear in court on the appointed day. In many cases, the defendant’s failure to appear triggers the court to issue a bench warrant for the client’s immediate arrest.

Sometimes, however, there is nothing nefarious behind the missed court date. During the recent pandemic, many people were forced to relocate, sometimes across state lines, to gain employment. Weeks of mail-related delays can make it doubtful that a relocated defendant would receive the legal notice in time to make the assigned court date. In a case like this, the defendant’s attorney and a representative from the bail bonding company can work together to explain the missed court date as a relocation-related error, track down the defendant and work with the court to reschedule the defendant’s attendance. For everyone involved, that outcome is preferred over the defendant being jailed.

Out-of-State Defendants May Have Additional Hurdles

Out-of-state defendants often face requirements that can make securing a bail bond more difficult. Most bail bonding companies require a collateralized asset from an out-of-state defendant before they agree to write the bond, effectively taking the bond off the table for many defendants. For clients with an attorney who has built that relationship with a reputable bail bonding company, the attorney can sometimes negotiate with the bonding company to reduce the value of the required collateralized asset or drop the requirement entirely.

It’s true in all phases of life, a personal recommendation can get things done faster and more efficiently. Defendants can rely on attorneys who have taken the time to build trusted working relationships that help create an overall positive bonding experience.

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