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How to Land a Job Despite Criminal Record

Posted January 4, 2023

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Almost one in three adults in the United States has a criminal record, which can make it tough to find meaningful employment. Recent studies show that 27% of Americans with a conviction are unemployed – a rate almost five times higher than the general population.

If you, or someone you know, has a criminal record and are actively searching for work, check out the leading online job marketplace for Americans with a record – Thousands of potential employers across the country use Honest Jobs as part of their recruiting efforts to find qualified candidates and to support national efforts for a fair chance in hiring. Fair chance hiring occurs when applicants with criminal backgrounds who otherwise match the job requirements are not automatically excluded from the interviewing process and are allowed a “fair chance” at getting the job.

A simple, three-step process can launch your job search today.

  1. Build a “Job Seeker” profile on the Honest Jobs website. You’ll need a computer, phone or some way to access the internet.
  2. Have an active email address so that job alerts and interview details can start coming to you.
  3. Finally, you’ll need a resume. No resume? No problem. Honest Jobs will help you write one.

Honest Jobs’ search engine reviews thousands of open positions and alerts you to the most appropriate ones, taking into account the specifics of your criminal background. Once you start applying online, check your email regularly for news about pending interviews, next steps and that ultimate prize, the job offer.

If you are one of America’s job seekers with a criminal record, don’t give up. All job seekers know that finding the right job is a numbers game. The more you interview, the more comfortable you’ll become in telling your story. The more interviews you have, the greater the chances of receiving that job offer.

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