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Bail Recovery Agent

Opportunity: A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds is looking for an energetic, self-directed individual that relishes the opportunity to help others and give back to the community in which they live.

Join our family: We have been around for 15 years and have 36 high functioning team members on staff right now. We are protective of our culture and want to make sure whoever we welcome to the family is a match to our core values: Respect, Teamwork, Honesty, Giving Back and Professionalism (usually :)

Skills we need you to possess because we can’t teach you the following:

  • Organized
  • Friendly
  • Respectful
  • Detailed Oriented
  • Adaptable
  • Coachable
  • Humble
  • Goal Oriented
  • Self Sufficient
  • Inquisitive

Things you should expect to be taught:

  • How to prevent cases from going forfeit
  • How to resolve open forfeitures
  • How to research client data using proprietary software
  • How to read and understand court websites and court resources
  • How to safely recover wanted individuals and surrender them back to custody
  • How to build relationships with county and state officials as well as out of state agencies

What you will owe to us daily:

  • Bring your best to work
  • Leave the drama at the door
  • Extend grace even when grace isn’t warranted
  • Leave this place better than you found it

How you will be compensated:

  • Weekly salary and weekly commission if you earn it
  • 401k + Match
  • We will pay ½ your personal insurance premiums
  • PTO

We are going to be upfront:

The way we work isn’t for everyone. If autonomy and freedom accompanied with head scratching challenges motivate you, we are going to get along GREAT.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email [email protected].

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