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Police are Set to Enforce Social Distancing Mandates

Posted April 20, 2020

As more states go on complete lockdown, most people are staying at home except to occasionally venture out for necessary errands. However, as many people crave the great outdoors and miss their normal social activities, some folks are still running afoul of the law as they persist in congregating. At A 2nd Chance, we encourage you to stay home and stay safe, as law enforcement officers are ready to crack down on violators.

As Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced the extension of shelter-in-place orders through the end of April, residents were faced with the prospect of even more free time. Controversially, Governor Kemp also announced the reopening of Georgia beaches. The theory is that people should be able to get outside, get some fresh air and Vitamin D, and practice their social distancing skills. However, there’s a difference between a solitary walk on the beach with your dog and a gathering of your closest friends.

Tybee Island mayor Shirley Sessions didn’t agree with the decision. “Tybee City Council and I are devastated by the sudden directives and do not support his decisions. The health of our residents, staff and visitors are being put at risk and we will pursue legal avenues to overturn his reckless mandate,” she said. It’s fair to say that those planning a beach party on Tybee could be visited by police officers.

Closer to home, local officials are noticing a huge uptick in activity along the Beltline and in Atlanta parks. In response, many are being forced to close parks or impose restrictions on activity. According to the AJC, Chattahoochee Hills Mayor Tom Reed thought that new signs encouraging social distancing could keep 800-acre Cochran Mill Park open. Then the crowds came. “It was a mob scene,” recounted Reed, as he described overflowing parking lots and picnic tables.

The Atlanta Police Department is now patrolling public places and enforcing the social distancing rule in an effort to keep people moving and discourage groups from congregating. Other jurisdictions are letting citizens know that they plan to be active in breaking up social gatherings. As one example, police in Tallahassee have responded to 72 large gatherings between March 25 and April 5. Forty-four of them happened in the six days after Florida governor Ron DeSantis issued a sweeping statewide order meant to limit non-essential gatherings.

Atlanta is expected to be hit hard by the virus in the next two weeks, and it’s hard to say how strict a stance local authorities will take on social distancing violators. A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds wants everyone to stay home, stay safe and stay out of trouble! However, if you or a loved one find yourself behind bars, let us help you get out as quickly as possible. Our team is here 24/7 whenever you need us and we’re processing bonds electronically. We can handle your needs over the phone!

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